Why Us?

We believe education is one of the most important and valuable gifts that a person can get, and see it as a fundamental right. As such - we want not only to provide an education, but provide the best one we can.

EDU | Hub


We offer a range of resources to teachers, including our notes, a powerful online classroom resource, and an easy video conferencing platform... and much more.

Class Cloud

We provide virtual classroom storage so your students can cut back on paper - and you can share coursework easily.


If you have a lot of students, and a lot of corrections, our staff can take care of that. Sign up and you'll get 5 free corrections per student per month.


Our prices are set to allow us to provide our services while still being highly affordable.

Wanna know more?

 Some quick features include:

- Classrooms with cloud storage                            
- Easy teacher-to-student communication          
- Easy quizzes and classroom calendars               
(where you can put due dates or test dates)  
 - Easy module integration for simple notifications
on the clasroom dashboard                               
- Save time - have us handle some corrections   
- Expert support, with people who know this       
platform like the back of their hands                
- Free video conferencing for live classes              
- MUCH MORE                                                           

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